Swim team

Within the Swim team children learn new skills which connect to the C diploma demands. For example children learn how to improve their front and back crawl, how to throw a ball in the water, how to make a head turn, how to swim butterfly etc. Children also become physically stronger because of the intensity of the lessons.

It doesn’t matter at which swim school your child got the C diploma, at swim school Zwemm or somewhere else. There is a positive and enthousiast vibe in the lessons and there is space for children to get to know each other.

A social trend is that children move less and less, and often children move too little. This can also be a reason for you to encourage your child to take part of the Swim team of Zwemm. Try it.

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About Zwemm:

Swim school Zwemm is founded by Maarten and Robin Scheiuit. Together they grew up with swimming games and waterpolo and they have teaching experience for more than 15 years. Furthermore Maarten is a physiotherapist and Robin has a bachelor degree in pedagogy. Sign up for free here or call Robin (06 2450 7434).

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