Swimming lessons Alkmaar


Swim school Zwemm gives small group training under the guidance of a physiotherapist and a pedagogue, in Alkmaar, in De Hout swimming pool, where parents are allowed to watch any lesson along the pool edge. Scheduling is flexible, eventually at the same time as a brother/sister/friend, without waiting list; ideal for expats.

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Parents can watch every lesson – Parents are allowed to watch any swimming lesson along the pool edge. This makes it easy to approach the instructor for questions and advice, parents can follow the development process and children are more relaxed with their parents closeby.

Small groups – Groups exist of maximal 3 children, so your child experiences less distraction and stressful stimuli from other children and gets lots of attention of the instructor, so the diploma will be reached earlier. 

Swim together with brother/sister/friend – It is possible to be scheduled together with family or friends, so children become more relaxed and parents can save time.

Every lesson the same instructor – Your child won’t experience multiple instructors, which can be stressful and confusing. Zwemm doesn’t work with temporary instructors or trainees; Maarten and Robin are the only teachers and are able to adapt the lesson to the level and personality of your child.

Every school holiday a course – Next to regular lessons Zwemm offers swim courses every holiday which you can compose yourself. Holiday courses are independent of regular lessons. If you already follow swimming lessons somewhere else; no problem. You can combine those lessons easily with our holiday courses.

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Maarten and Robin: “For years we swam games and played waterpolo because we love swimming. We like to teach your child our skills, but the most important thing we want to teach your child, is our énthusiasm for swimming. At our swim school your child never cries because it must swim; it only cries when it is not allowed to swim. Your child develops swimming to a new hobby!”

Warm water – The water of swimming pool de Hout in Alkmaar is 31 °C and feels warm and comfortable.

About Zwemm:

Swim school Zwemm is founded by Maarten and Robin Scheiuit. Together they grew up with swimming games and waterpolo and they have teaching experience for more than 15 years. Furthermore Maarten is a physiotherapist and Robin has a bachelor degree in pedagogy. Sign up for free here or call Robin (06 2450 7434).